Erymry's Lil Links

I'm Erymry, an artist from somewhere in Australia.
I'm mostly working on comics and character designs.
Most of my uploaded art are my own characters.
Here's some links to see those funny little guys,
or to see me talk about coffee or something.

Character Summary

The employees (and apprentice) working for Setsuya; an Archivist and information broker.

I'm an artist living somewhere in Melbourne. I like food, funny little insects and never finishing video games.Most of my work is based on my own little characters from my own little stories. I've also done work as an artist and a colourist for Comics Network Australia (ComX).I'm still looking at different sites for hosting art. Right now, Twitter is most active, but Tumblr is there if, for some reason, you're interested in screenshots from video games as well.

At the moment, this site is a work in progress. Especially this section!I don't even have a link to this yet, I just published it for easy testing. You sly dog.